Every day, families bring us their small children

suffering from severe malnutrition; some too weak to eat or even drink. They come to us because they know we will do everything in our power to bring these little ones back to life. In 2014, a devastating flood destroyed Casa Jackson. Despite not having a fully functioning facility, we have continued to serve this community.


We need your help.

Thanks to generous donors like you, we have already raised more than $250,000 to rebuild our hospital. Construction is underway, but we lost more than just the building to this flood. More money is needed to purchase cribs and beds for 22 rooms, and supplies including formula, food, infant and child vitamins, eye droppers to feed the children and much more.

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Please help us save as many precious young lives as possible.

Give what you can today!

$14 One-day supply of diapers for malnourished infants
$52 One-day specialty milk for malnourished infants
$70 Medicine for a malnourished infant for one week
$100 One-month baby crib sponsorship for malnourished infants
$100 One month of medical care for a malnourished baby
$150 One crib for an infant hospital room
$390 One month of infant liquid vitamins to restore a child’s health
$1,000 Building supplies to speed construction