Volcanic Explosion – Fuego Erupts Violently in Guatemala

Guatemala’s Volcan de Fuego, near Antigua, erupted on Sunday shortly before noon. This first explosion covered Antigua with rock and heavy ash. Later, by 4 pm, rivers of lava were flowing into fields, roads, and homes. The eruption spewed smoke and ash as enormous dark clouds reaching miles into the sky.

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Please note that the following video is very graphic.  This is our area in Guatemala. We have our staff and volunteers working here right now. Please help… your prayers and support are much needed.

From Patrick Atkinson:
Fuego Volcano is just a few miles from our main campus, The Dreamer Center, as well as from The Vista Hermosa Center and Casa Jackson Hospital for Malnourished Children. All are seriously affected, but safe. Tremendous damage to our own properties ( heavy-grade volcanic sand and small rocks), yet we’ve sent our staff and volunteers to help those whose lives are at risk.

Your GOD’S CHILD Project / Nuestros Ahijados team is at work, right now, in the field and on the scene, helping those affected by today’s volcanic explosion. Your prayers and financial help are urgently needed. Please help… and Share.

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