“Good morning, this is Pat Atkinson with The GOD’S CHILD Project here in Guatemala.

It’s Saturday morning, it’s overcast and it’s probably going to rain pretty heavy today. That’s actually a wonderful thing because everybody’s been working very hard and the environment still has a heavy layer of volcanic ash that’s covering everything.

What we’re doing right now is we are receiving a donation of supplies coming in from the volunteer fire corps #69 on the road to El Salvador in Guatemala City. These are collected by the firemen, first responders and from all the people in the neighborhood where that particular station is. The volunteer bomberos have been doing an excellent job.

This particular donation was arranged for us by Sandra Hedrick, who works for The GOD’S CHILD Project in Florida. She’s in charge of our service team programs and she used to be a volunteer fireman/fireperson with this corps. She asked them to help. They pitched in. They got the neighbors involved, and they’re bringing in tremdous amounts of supplies for us today.

The firemen, the first responders, the Guatemalan army, they all did just an incredible job and continue doing it. Not just collecting supplies in their neighborhood, they’re also the first ones to go in deep and to go in heavy when there’s a problem. In this case, volcanic gas, poisonous gasses, and extreme heat. The pyroclastic cloud that came down was estimated at 1600° and was going up 50 to 60 miles an hour. These supplies help us to work with the victims.

These first responders, particularly in this case, the corps #69 of the volunteer fire department of Guatemala City are the real heroes. Thank you and keep them in your prayers. Let’s keep them safe and for the first responders everywhere, give them a great big thumbs up and applause. We love you guys. We support you guys. You save lives. We know what you’re doing and we appreciate it.”

Additional video in Espanól posted by Miguel Angel Alvarez Paz, Project National Director, Asociacion Nuestros Ahijados.

Your Gods Child Project / Nuestros Ahijados team are at work, right now, in the field and on the scene, helping those affected by Fuego’s volcanic explosion. Your prayers and financial help are urgently needed. Please help…