We are happy to announce that Give to the Max Day returns on Thursday, November 14, 2019! This annual tradition helps organizations like The GOD’S CHILD Project to raise much-needed funds we use to save lives here at home and around the world.

DOUBLE, MAYBE TRIPLE, THE IMPACT of your gift to The GOD’S CHILD Project this Give to the Max Day!

This year, your donation can have an even greater impact with the generous support of a coalition of generous donors who will be matching, possibly even TRIPLING, donations!  We’ll tell you more before next Thursday.

The GOD’S CHILD Project is a nonprofit charity founded in 1991 to break children locally and worldwide out of poverty through education, healthcare, housing, and sustainable community development.

To date, The GOD’S CHILD Project has raised and educated nearly 80,000 boys and girls. Our cutting-edge programs at The Vista Hermosa Center for Academic Excellence, Casa Jackson Hospital for Malnourished Children, and the Atkinson Family Clinics are internationally-visited and emulated program models of quality program effectiveness.

With your much-needed support to The GOD’S CHILD Project this Give to the Max Day, we will be able to finish this 2019 school year for hundreds of eager students and prepare for 2020, triple the number of in-patient infants and children at Casa Jackson Hospital for Malnourished Children, and expand our volunteer-led home-building project for terribly poor families.

Can we count on you?

Please donate today via this link (Yes! Your donation will be doubled or tripled!) and encourage others to donate to The GOD’S CHILD Project now through next Thursday, November 14th. With you, we are saving lives and breaking children out of poverty forever.


Patrick Atkinson, Founder and Executive Director