Do you have a Giving Heart?

Giving Hearts Day is February 9th, 2023. Giving Hearts Day is a 24-hour fundraising event benefiting more than 475 charities throughout North Dakota and northwest Minnesota, including your GOD’S CHILD Project!

This year, with the help of our generous donors’ matching funds, our goal is to reach $50,000 to help thousands of children receive a vital education, food to eat, and a safe home where they can grow and work to achieve their dreams.

Every Giving Heart Counts!

  • $20 can provide emergency food for a child for one week
  • $50 can provide tuition and school supplies for a child for one month
  • $100 can provide a medical examination for a child rescued from sexual exploitation

In our February newsletter, we shared with you Adriana Germain’s heart-wrenching story about four-month-old Gabriella needing to be rushed from Casa Jackson to a bigger hospital due to breathing issues.

Adriana, Gabriella, and the young infant’s grandmother were running out of options…there were no police, ambulances, or firetrucks that could assist them. The only way to get to the hospital was to take a Tuk Tuk, a three-wheeled motorcycle that gives rides for hire.

The grandmother said she had no money for the Tuk Tuk. All they needed was two dollars.

“Imagine…the Project’s cars were gone, and the police, ambulance, and firetruck didn’t come. The grandmother didn’t have 15 quetzals to pay for a Tuk Tuk,” Germain said. “If this baby and her grandmother had not been at Casa Jackson, Gabriella would have died. Sometimes, a very small sum of money can make all the difference between life and death.”

Gabriella survived and is back at Casa Jackson. Adriana had the two dollars, and with it, she saved a life.

Two dollars. That’s all that was standing between Gabriella and the rest of her life. Just two dollars.

Any donation you make, be it two dollars or two hundred dollars, makes a difference in the lives of children who are fighting every day for a better life.

All donations will of course be doubled – so not only can you change lives; you can DOUBLE your impact made with just one donation. Please be part of our Giving Hearts Day team on February 9th, 2023.

You Matter! Your compassion and generosity saves lives.

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