Emergency Rescue Efforts After Guatemalan Volcano Fuego Eruption

In response to the eruption of volcano Fuego in Guatemala on Sunday, The GOD’S CHILD Project has launched a massive relief effort, with the support of generous donors who will match donations. With dozens dead and thousands displaced, The GOD’S CHILD Project is urgently in need of financial support in their efforts. Donations can [...]

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Fuego Erupts Violently in Guatemala

Volcanic Explosion - Fuego Erupts Violently in Guatemala Guatemala’s Volcan de Fuego, near Antigua, erupted on Sunday shortly before noon. This first explosion covered Antigua with rock and heavy ash. Later, by 4 pm, rivers of lava were flowing into fields, roads, and homes. The eruption spewed smoke and ash as enormous dark clouds [...]

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Bismarck Golf Tournament to Benefit a New Cause

Dream Maker Golf Scramble - September 11, 2018 The new and improved GCP Golf Scramble will be one you won’t want to miss! This year will feature a stunning location, new networking opportunities, big entertainment on the course, and a BRAND NEW CAUSE! The tournament is open to the public and will raise funds [...]

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Every Giving Heart Counts

Giving Hearts Day is a day for people to come together and support causes important to them. On Thursday, February 8th, your GOD'S CHILD Project is participating in the Giving Hearts Day movement. We ask for YOUR support in helping us reach our goal of $50,000, which will help disadvantaged children receive an education and begin a new [...]

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The Mothers’ Love Campaign For Malnourished Infants

Between now and October 15th, 2016, GOD'S CHILD Project supporters Lloyd Paulson and Robert Scheel will MATCH dollar-for-dollar, up to $175,000, every donation given for the care and cure of the babies of Casa Jackson for Malnourished Infants. Bob and Lloyd know how much their wives, Joan and Bev, loved children and especially those who [...]

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Two Families Making an Impact for Malnourished Infants

When we (Julie, Lynna and Jude, and myself - Sean Hall) went to visit Casa Jackson Hospital for Malnourished Infants last week with Tony and Aimee Kriz and their children, we learned there are 40 more babies on a waiting list to get into Casa Jackson. The re-construction of a new, and larger Casa Jackson is [...]

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How a Worry Doll Brought Healing

Morgan has been grieving the death of her grandfather for the past 11 months. Heather McFall, our Assistant Director at our Bismarck office, gave Morgan a Worry Doll last May and has been carrying the doll everywhere she goes. She complains daily to her teacher, about her tummy hurting, and cries for Grandpa because she misses him [...]

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Making the Greater Good Even Greater

The GOD'S CHILD Project has been declared as July's "Do-Gooder" for Mill City Credit Union's (MCU) Making the Greater Good Even Greater Community! As the featured non-profit, and with the generous donation from Making the Greater Good Even Greater, the GOD’S CHILD Project will be able to continue caring for and educating 5,000 impoverished, orphaned, [...]

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