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Financial Stewardship

The GOD’S CHILD Project has spent less than ten percent of its financial resources on fundraising efforts and administrative costs. The GOD’S CHILD Project’s long record of managing its resources in the most efficient way possible is central to our organization’s success in providing help to those who are most in need. The GOD’S CHILD Project’s financial practices are also why it has earned the continued support of our donors and recognition from non-profit rating organizations, such as GuideStar, Global Giving, and the Combined Federal Campaign.

Financial Contributions

The GOD’S CHILD Project receives financial and material support from our donors, whose gifts are both small and large. We are grateful for every contribution, regardless of its size, that helps the Project and our people to carry out The GOD’S CHILD Project mission.

Material Donations

In addition to financial contributions from our supporters, The GOD’S CHILD Project and our affiliated programs also receive millions of dollars’ worth of material contributions, such as medical and school supplies, clothing, and electronics. The GOD’S CHILD Project’s financial accounting for the value of these products, supplies, and transportation services is based on conservative and sound business practices, and in-kind valuation charts prepared and distributed by the IRS. Our charity is enormously grateful to our donors.

Accountability and Transparency

The GOD’S CHILD Project is fully committed to absolute transparency in its finances, especially in how the organization uses the donations that it receives. The GOD’S CHILD Project makes publicly available, and also publishes, its financial documents for anyone to view.

Finally, The GOD’S CHILD Project also maintains clear “conflict of interest” and “whistleblower” policies that enable the charity to maintain its financial integrity and reputation for transparency to our supporters and the broader public.

The GOD’S CHILD Project’s policies regarding donations and program funding are listed below.

Donations and Program Funding

The GOD’S CHILD Project’s Federal Tax ID number: 45-0422423