Because of you, an impoverished family can receive a home that will last them for 40 years. With each home costing only $2,500, you can raise the needed funds on your own as a personal challenge, or work with your GCP ServiceTeam Experience group to cover the construction costs. Either way, the end result is safety, cleanliness, dignity, and a new life for a family that once slept on the streets.  Thank you!

Donate Any Amount to Provide a Home for a Family in Need

Home Building facts and figures:

  • The homes cost $2,500 to build and take 3 days to construct.
  • These homes will last for at least 40 years.
  • When families apply to ask for a new home, our social workers assess their situation to decide if they are eligible to receive a house.
  • Many applicants are abandoned or widowed mothers who would otherwise never be able to raise enough money for a house.  They are often working women who spend all their income on food and survival.
  •  Our waiting list for approved families lasts about 2 years.

No construction skills or foreign language necessary! Service Teams are provided a team leader to help construct simple, yet dignifying homes.

Living Conditions Before a Service Team Home Build:

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Living Conditions After a Service Team Home Build:

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The homes our volunteers build make an immense impact on the lives of the families they are gifted to. 40+ years of gratitude will remain after the team leaves.  Photo credit: David Dethlefs/Taft 2016


GCP supporter bicycled to raise funds to build homes for impoverished families in Guatemala

David Dethlefs, an avid GCP supporter, biked from from Anacortes, WA to Bismarck, ND in 32 days. Along the way, David raised funds through GoFundMe, Facebook, and his online blog to build houses for families in need in Guatemala. From all of GCP's children, families, and staff, “Thank you, David!!”, for your huge commitment to helping to change lives.