Donate a Home. Better Yet, Build It!

Build a New Life with a New Home

You can provide an impoverished family with a house

Because of you, an impoverished family can receive a home that will last them for 40 years. With each home costing only $2,500, you can raise the needed funds on your own as a personal challenge, or work with your GCP ServiceTeam Experience group to cover the construction costs. The result is a safe, clean, and sturdy home that provides a new life for a family that once slept on the streets. Thank you!

Home Building Facts and Figures

  • The homes cost $2,500 to build and take 3 days to construct.
  • These homes will last for at least 40 years.
  • When families apply to ask for a new home, our social workers assess their situation to decide if they are eligible to receive a house.
  • Many applicants are abandoned or widowed mothers who would otherwise never be able to raise enough money for a house.  They are often working women who spend all their income on food and survival.
  •  Our waiting list for approved families lasts about 2 years.

No construction skills or foreign language necessary! Service Teams are provided a team leader to help construct simple, yet dignifying homes.

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