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Providing for Many

The GOD’S CHILD Project (GCP) works through an international nonprofit network to provide many of the poorest children, families, and communities in the world with the means to escape their bitter chains of poverty, by providing award-winning Education, Healthcare, Housing, and Sustainable Development services.

GCP’s ‘Institute for Trafficked, Exploited & Missing Persons‘ subprogram has worked in more than 28 nations to prevent, detect, investigate, rescue, and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking, in addition to providing prosecutorial assist, expert court witness testimony, and safe community laws and support.

When emergency Natural Disaster Relief, staff and volunteers from GCP and networked organizations provide immediate assistance to relief organizations, engage in direct rescue and relief efforts, transform existing facilities into urgent care and survivor relief centers, provide crisis counseling and equip health professionals in resource-poor communities to meet the challenges of diagnosing and caring for affected people.

Your Support Matters

It is only by the generous support and donations from GCP donors and volunteers that we are able to serve thousands in need including those in Guatemala.