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The GOD’S CHILD Project-networked “DAYA” (Destitute Aged and Young Association) Project was founded in 1996 as a voluntary child and women-focused nonprofit organization registered under the Societies Act of India, 12A, FCRA. Daya’s mission is to work for the poorest of the poor in both rural and urban areas of India.

DAYA’s primary goal is to work for the poorest of the poor in both the rural and urban areas in of Orissa, one of the most economically backward states of India. The Hindi word DAYA means “compassion” in English. The young children and women in the DAYA program receive education, food, clothing, and parental love and care.

DAYA is committed to helping disadvantaged children achieve their dreams through quality education, particularly by attending higher secondary education and high school.

To make this possible, DAYA also provides its students and area youth with critically important after-school reinforcement programs that help these children to be competitive. DAYA places a particular emphasis on helping students get higher science degrees as it will give them greater opportunities later in life.

DAYA help for child

After passing 12th grade, DAYA’s students can either apply to attend a university or take professional courses in trades such as engineering or architecture. Either of these options will significantly improve the students’ quality of life and help stop the cycle of poverty in rural India. The cost to send one student to higher secondary education for one year is $300.

The work of DAYA in the state of Odisha is done using a satellite operational structure with our head office in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, implementing small Child Development Centres in Bhubaneswar (1), Badapada (2), Janla (1) and Sundarpur. This structure gives us a better community connection and enables us to work closely with the communities.

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