• A Message for My Child is a beautiful, colorful classic that empowers people of all ages. It is for you as you discover how to take control of your decisions, take responsibility when things go wrong, and learn to do what is right so that you can take credit when things go right and you've done a great job.
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    What could be more exciting than sitting down with 18 great Americans who understand what "living by faith" really means? These inspirational personalities share their life lessons in though-provoking interviews. So, pull up a chair and be prepared for a life-changing lesson in faith!
  • 19 American success stories including Deepak Chopra (Best Selling Author & Wellness Specialist), Patrick Atkinson (International Educator & Human Rights Advocate), Mark Victor Hansen (Co-Creator 'Chicken Soup For The Soul') and Mark Sanborn (Motivational Speaker and Author of 'The Fred Factor')... men and women who understand what it takes to get the job done... share their life lessons in thought-provoking interviews.
  • Twenty-six distinguished leadership professionals offer cutting edge strategies for everyone wanting to grow as a leader! This book should be a 'must read' for executives, managers, entrepreneurs, students, volunteers, clergy, and everyone!
  • Investigative reporter Monica Hannan's award-winning biography of GCP founder Patrick Atkinson. This book is a staple of book clubs and university studies worldwide. This book can be signed by the author per your request.
  • En español con sub-titulos en inglís; en Tapa Dura o Blanda. Esto es el clásico cuento internacional que ha sido disfrutado por millones por casí cuarenta años ya dispondible en un libro multicolor precioso. 3x Ganador de premios nacionales, este libro les empodera e inspira auto-dirección en jóvenes de toda edad. El regalo perfecto para graduaciones, cumpleaños, La Navidad, y cualquier momento especial.


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