• Sponsor Cristian

    From: $5.00 / month
    Gender Male
    Birth Date April 11, 2010
    Age 12 years old
    Grade 1st Grade
    School Dreamer Center (Centro Soñador)
    Country Guatemala


    Cristian lives in San Felipe with her mother and four siblings. Their house is made of sheet metal, though does not have a floor. The family's house is a single room, with 3 beds. The family rent their house, and the owner has also lent them a table top stove to cook with. The family does not have any other furniture or appliances, save for a small table. Cristian's father passed away near the end of 2018. Cristian's mother does housework for families, earning around Q100 ($12) a week. Cristian's favourite food is frijoles (beans) and rice and his favorite animals are spiders. Cristian doesn't have a favorite color as he likes all of them the same. Cristian likes to be active. His favorite subject in school is Physical Education and his favorite thing to do at home is to play football with his brother. Cristian would like to be a builder when he grows up, as he would like to construct things. His goal for this year is to learn how to read.
  • Sponsor Aura

    From: $5.00 / month
    Gender Female
    Birth Date February 14, 2005
    Age 17 years old
    Grade 7th Grade
    School Scheel Center (Centro Scheel)
    Country Guatemala


    Aura lives in Jocotenango with her parents, brother and sister. Their house is made of cement blocks and has a ceramic floor. It consists of only one room, and there are two beds for the five family members to share. The family use a tabletop stove to cook their food. Aura's dad works delivering Prensa Libre newspapers and earns around Q1200 ($153) a month. Aura's mother is a catalogue salesperson. Aura's favorite animals are dogs and her favorite colors are black and blue. She likes listening to reggaeton music and playing basketball in her spare time. Aura likes to be sporty and would like to be a P.E teacher when she is older so she can continue to do exercise. In school Aura also likes English lessons and her goal for this year is to learn to speak English.
  • Gender Male
    Birth Date December 31, 2006
    Age 15 years old
    Grade Accelerated Primary Program
    School Scheel Center (Centro Scheel)
    Country Guatemala


    Adolfo lives in San Pedro Las Huertas with his mother, father and four siblings. He has a fifth sibling who has disappeared. The family lives on a farm and looks after the house for the owners in exchange for staying there. The house is made of wood and sheet metal and the floor is cement. The house is made up of only one room that the family share, and the bathroom is external to the house. The family do not have much furniture apart from the beds and use firewood to cook. There are four beds between the seven family members. Adolfo's father is an alcoholic and is not currently working. His mother sells tortillas and earns around Q20 ($2.5) a day. Adolfo's older brother works to help pay for the family's food. Adolfo's younger sister has Down syndrome and goes to a special school. Adolfo's favorite color is red and his favorite animals are cats. In his spare time Adolfo likes to listen to music, and his favorite singer is Ozuna. In school Adolfo enjoys practicing his handwriting so that he can write neatly. When he is older he would like to be a professional football player.
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    $119/month Crib Sponsorship


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