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  • Several children, and families, sleep on the ground...or share a bed (some as many as 5 people per bed). Help provide comfort and space to a family in need with a bunk bed...complete with mattresses, blankets and pillows!
  • One of the greatest gifts a person can give (and families can receive) is a sturdy, safe place to raise a family and sleep at night. Help give the gift of security and place to build memories as a family.
  • With such little access to healthy, nutritious food, it is important for families to be able to conserve as much as possible without it rotting and going to waste. By providing a refrigerator, you are giving them the gift of storing food so that each meal can include life-saving nutrients.
  • Most of the families don't have access to electricity in their own homes or living spaces. In most places, electricity isn't even available. Solar lights are extremely valuable to provide lighting at night after it gets dark. Able to charge during the day, these lights will kick on just when it gets hard to see! Check them out here: https://mpowerd.com/collections/shop
  • So many families that we help sit on the floor to eat meals. Besides being uncomfortable, sitting on the ground with dirt, bugs, and bacteria is extremely unsanitary (especially when food is involved). Provide a well-made, sturdy table and chairs for a family to enjoy meals together off the floor.