There are four different sponsorship opportunities available through your God’s Child Project: child, baby-patient crib, home-building, and food aid. Thank you for considering them – they form the core of our program’s financial stability.

  • Your $119 monthly sponsorship provides 24-hour in-patient care (food, medicine, formula, lab work, etc.) for the baby-patient(s) cared for in a crib at Casa Jackson Hospital for Malnourished Children.
  • One of the greatest gifts a person can give (and families can receive) is a sturdy, safe place to raise a family and sleep at night. Help give the gift of security and place to build memories as a family.
  • Child Sponsorship

    $25.00 / month
    Provide a Project boy or girl with life-changing academic, health, formation, and family-living tools they need to break out of poverty.
  • Funds the supplies the Project needs to distribute the donated food we receive to 1,200 people, for one week. Your name and message (optional) are placed at the food distribution and you will receive photographs of the distribution event.


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