• Seeds become quality crops that can help a family fight hunger through the promise of vital nutrition, good health and lasting food security.
  • Essential Food for a Child

    Without the proper nutrition, a child will continue to fall sick. This can lead to poor growth of the body and mind, life-threatening illnesses, and even death. By providing healthy and nutritious food for a child, you are providing health, hope and happiness.
  • Emergency Food

    So many times when our social workers venture out to find kids and families who need our help, they discover that most of them are starving. The first step to starting a better life is fixing the hunger that threatens to destroy their bodies and minds. By purchasing emergency food, you provide what is needed NOW.
  • Purchases and plants a nutritious apple, peach, pear, or avocado tree that will provide healthy growth for a needy family.
  • Eggs and chickens provide life-saving protein to families, and also give the opportunity to generate income by selling eggs to local markets. With this purchase, you are also providing poultry care classes. These classes teach the family how to care for their chickens and keep them healthy. This is a gift that can provide years of much-needed food and income to a family desperately in need of both!
  • Feed Starving Villagers

    In many of the places that The GOD'S CHILD Project supports, it isn't just children that are starving. Often times, the entire community and village is starving. Donate the ultimate gift of life-enriching food to an entire village - and change many, many lives for the better.
  • With such little access to healthy, nutritious food, it is important for families to be able to conserve as much as possible without it rotting and going to waste. By providing a refrigerator, you are giving them the gift of storing food so that each meal can include life-saving nutrients.