• Several children, and families, sleep on the ground...or share a bed (sometimes as many as 5 people per bed). Help provide comfort and space to a family in need with a bed...complete with mattress, blankets and pillows!
  • Donating provides an orphan child in India with complete care and education for one year.  DAYA rescues abandoned girls and boys from unprotected lives of extreme vulnerability.
  • One of the greatest gifts a person can give (and families can receive) is a sturdy, safe place to raise a family and sleep at night. Help give the gift of security and place to build memories as a family.
  • This kit provides an ITEMP-rescued child-victim of human trafficking with the emergency supplies s/he needs while in police care, prior to being transferred to The GOD'S CHILD Project.  This kit includes food, a sweater, a blanket, toiletries, a book, and a disposable cellphone.  We also provide care to help them transition and recover.