• Donating provides an orphan child in India with complete care and education for one year.  DAYA rescues abandoned girls and boys from unprotected lives of extreme vulnerability.
  • Each year, all of the students needs to replenish their stock of supplies needed for school. This includes pencils, notebooks, school books, glue sticks, crayons, rulers, etc... By donating $150, you can provide enough school supplies for an entire year for 1 student. Provide the gift of learning to a student this year!
  • School Teacher Salary

    At the heart of education are the teachers. The kids we help are hungry to learn, with no opportunity to do so outside of attending classes at The Dreamer Center or The Scheel Center. But no classes would be possible if not for the dedication and heart of the teachers employed at both school. They devote so much time, energy and passion to help the kids learn, grow and make a better future for themselves. Please support these incredible teachers by donating directly to their salaries - after all, without them, none of it is possible.
  • School Tuition

    One of the largest expenses for each student is the school tuition. For 1 month, it is $49. By donating towards tuition, you are reliving the burden off of those students, and allowing The GOD'S CHILD Project to continue helping other students who desperately want and need an education.
  • To promote equality throughout the students, we ask that they wear a school uniform each day. This way, no student needs to feel stressed or embarrassed about the clothing (or lack thereof) they have at home. For each year, a student needs about 2 uniforms (this includes shoes). Please donate to help us keep the students clothed and happy!