Pad, Liner and Bag Instructions

Thank you for your time and effort in making these valuable resources.

Please send pads, with a donation of $1 per pound for shipment to Guatemala, to:

Attn: Carrie Koch
721 Memorial Hwy #1
Bismarck, ND 58504

For questions, contact Carrie at (701) 323-0296

Recommended Materials:

*Be sure to pre-wash all new (or gently used) materials to avoid shrinkage*

Pad Holder Materials:
Top and Bottom layers – flannel or soft cottons
Vinyl Liner – light, flexible fabric such as PUL or lightweight oilcloth
Holding Strips – two ½” x 3” strips of lightweight fleece or folded flannel
Closure – Velcro dots or squares (alt: snaps)

Pad Insert Materials:
Pad Inserts – six rectangles of 8” x 18” flannel, folded to give finished size 3” x 8” each (no sewing needed on inserts)

Pattern by Dr. Molly Secor-Turner, NDSU – Panties and Pads Project


*Pattern is finished size, see PDF below to print pattern.*

  1. Cut:
    1. Cut identical top and bottom layers of flannel (and liquid proof liner layer).
    2. Cut two holding strips of ½” x 3” each.
    3. Cut six 8” x 18” rectangles to fold for pad inserts.
  2. Assemble the Pad Holder:
    1. Stack top, liner, and bottom layers together and serge around entire edge of pad holder. (Alt: zigzag stitch and topstitch.)
    2. Be sure that vinyl liner is facing up for comfortable wear and reliable fluid-proofing
    3. Position holding strips on top layer and stitch in place. Topstitch again across ends of front holding strip and in straight line to topstitch across back holding strip ends.
    4. Position Velcro on top side of one wing and bottom side of other wing to form closure. Stitch in place.

The Finished Pad Kit is one pad holder with six pad inserts in a quart-sized plastic ziptop bag or a drawstring holder (see PDF below for cloth bag pattern).

Download/Print PDF of Patterns