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Since The GOD’S CHILD Project’s founding on April 24th, 1991, GCP, through its international nonprofit network, has reached deep into some of the poorest, most dangerous parts of our world to bring hope and aid to hundreds of thousands of people.

The four legs of GCP’S service provision table are its award-winning Education, Healthcare, Dignified Housing, and Sustainable Development (Job Creation and Training) programs.


Since 1991, GCP has founded, built, and operated K-12 schools in several countries, most notably Guatemala, El Salvador, Malawi, and India. Together, these schools have educated more than125,000 children and young adults.

In Guatemala alone, GCP has educated and raised into positive adulthood more than 80,000 impoverished, orphaned, and abandoned boys and girls.

To learn more about our educational programs in Guatemala, please click here to access GCP’s 2022 Annual Program Report


The GCP leadership team realizes that good physical and emotional health is critical to successful growth, happiness, and personal educational development.

Since 1991, GCP has built several community-based healthcare programs, healthy baby centers, and nutritional programs worldwide. Among these are the Atkinson Family Clinics, Presentation BVM Dental Clinic, Scheel Medical and Dental Center, and Casa Jackson Hospital for Malnourished Children.

These medical facilities are designed to be both preventative and curative, outpatient and in-patient. They are staffed by highly trained, committed staff professionals who are supported by national and international volunteers.

To learn more about our healthcare programs in Guatemala, please click here to access GCP’s 2022 Annual Program Report.

Dignified Housing

GCP’s Foster Family Program for orphaned, abandoned, or court-removed children provides loving families for boys and girls who cannot live at home, or orphaned or abandoned home.

GCP pays each foster family a monthly rate which covers the child’s room and board. In addition, GCP pays for the child’s medical, school, and clothing.

To learn more about sponsoring a GCP child, please click here

GCP’s international renowned ServiceTeam® Experience program recruits and organizes more than 2,000 individual and group volunteers from around the world each year. These volunteers work with GCP families and local groups to build safe houses for the homeless, construct school classrooms, and engage in disaster response work, among other forms of service.

ServiceTeam Experience groups have constructed 2,725 homes in Guatemala alone.

To learn more about volunteering or our ServiceTeam Experience program, please click here

Economic and Social Empowerment

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Sustainable Development

The God's Child Project - Image of Guatemala City

GCP invests significant time, energy, and resources into identifying marketable needs in area communities, the creation of jobs to meet those needs, and ongoing job training so that our program participant’s skills are always in demand.

A major component of GCP’s sustainable development efforts is the organization of community-based Mothers and Fathers’ Clubs.  These job training programs and social connection clubs provide positive social relief for impoverished parents struggling with abandonment, chronic disease, social isolation, or drug or alcohol addictions.

To date, GCP has developed sustainable job training programs for 48,000 youth, women, and men.

Human Trafficking

GCP’s Institute for Trafficked, Exploited & Missing Persons‘ (ITEMP) subprogram works worldwide to prevent, detect, investigate, rescue, and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking.

ITEMP also provides prosecutorial assist, expert court witness testimony, and counsel to municipal leadership about safe community laws and community engagement activities.

To learn more about our international anti-human trafficking work, please click here

Natural Disaster Relief

When regional and national emergencies occur within a GCP service area, GCP immediately organizes local and international volunteers and donors to provide on-site assistance to relief organizations, engages in direct rescue and relief efforts, transforms existing facilities into urgent care and survivor relief centers, and provides crisis counseling to disaster victims and first responders.