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The “Scheel Center”, a gift of Bob and Joan Scheel of Fargo, ND, is nicknamed “God’s thumbprint” by the residents of the low-income neighborhood of Vista Hermosa of Jocotenango where it is located, since it is an inspirationally-designed four-building campus located right in the middle of a high-crime, high-poverty mountainside slum.

Many of the teenagers who now study at The Scheel Center were abandoned or had previously lived on the streets, belonged to street gangs, were involved in crime or juvenile prostitution, and have left the negativity of that world to engage in the positiveness of going to school, eating two full meals and two snacks each day, and realizing they too can create a good future.

The Scheel Center is staffed by Guatemalan professional team of teachers and medical personnel, who are assisted by local and international volunteers. The Scheel Center brings academic education, vocational-technical training, medical and dental care, crisis intervention, and family support to several thousand children, family members, and community residents.

The “Lloyd and Bev Paulson Computer Center” teaches computer literacy to Scheel Center students and non-studying children as well. “Atkinson Hall” regularly hosts community-wide services such as Mothers Groups, AA, AlAnon and AlaTeen, professional training for community educators and health workers, and public distributions of donated vegetables, clothing, and household supplies.

Your sponsorship of a desk, a teacher, a meal, the doctor or the cook, or a classroom means the difference between life and death for these children.

Scheel Center After-School Sports Program – Coming Soon!