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Scheel Center After-School Sports Program – Coming Soon!

Currently in development stage

The GOD’S CHILD Project helps people overcome poverty, full-circle, through education, healthcare and housing. Recently, we have had the inspiration to go above and beyond that mission, and help our GCP students even while they are not in our care.

A need we are looking to fill involves the development of a safe place for our Scheel Center students to go afterschool. Jocotenango is one of the most desperate places in Guatemala, and is where many of our Scheel Center students come from. Outside of school, they often experience drugs, street crimes, prostitution, alcoholism, and violence.

Our goal is to develop an after-school Sports Program to give our students (and all teenagers in the Jocotenango community) a safe place to go after school to stay active, healthy and out of trouble or harm. The program will provide sports practice once a week with a scrimmage once a month, while also offering a variety of other sports to take part in for fun every week.

We look to YOU for support in making this happen. We are currently working with the Jocotenango city officials to finalize the details of this endeavor and once we get the “go-ahead”, we will be ready to go with construction, collecting equipment, and delivering materials.

If you would like to get involved in the development of this brand new GCP program, contact Hannah at (701) 323-0296.

  • We will need support in a variety of ways:
    • Collecting sports equipment with monetary donations (to cover the shipment costs of the equipment)
    • Business sponsors for the construction of the renovated sports area
      • Business sponsors will receive a sign at the sports area and one for their office, and will also receive national recognition for their support
    • Service Teams to make a trip and help with construction
    • Individual (Spanish-Speaking) volunteers to help with coaching practices and game days
    • Spread the word about our new project! Follow the progress here on our website and on our Facebook Page
    • OR – Make a donation to the Scheel Center Sports Program…
      • Monetary Donation ideas:
        • $200 = one bicycle kit
        • $8 = one frisbee
        • $10 = one soccer ball
        • $30 = assorted toys
Donate to the Scheel Center Sports Program Today

 Donations of sports equipment (with financial support for shipment) are greatly appreciated and can be delivered to:

The GOD’S CHILD Project
Attn: Scheel Center Sports Program
721 Memorial Hwy #1
Bismarck, ND 58504

Thank you for your generous support, thoughts and prayers for this NEW program and for the teenagers and families it aims to benefit!

For more information on the Scheel Center Sports Program or how you can get involved, please contact Hannah at (701) 323-0296.

Some international visitors to our website may not be able to access the MobileCause donation portal below.  If the following donation form does not load properly, please use this alternate link for donations.  Thank you!