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What could be more exciting than sitting down with 18 great Americans who understand what “living by faith” really means? These inspirational personalities share their life lessons in though-provoking interviews. So, pull up a chair and be prepared for a life-changing lesson in faith!

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Candid.  Insightful. Inspirational. Entertaining.  Conversations on Faith contains inspiring interviews with 18 of America’s most fascinating, faith-driven personalities, including Dr. Robert Schuller (Founder of The Crystal Cathedral), Patrick Atkinson (Human Rights Advocate and founder / executive director of The GOD’S CHILD Project charitable network), Ann Jillian (Film and Television Actress and Writer), and Dave Dravecky (former Major League Pitcher).

After college, Patrick turned down lucrative corporate job offers to work with runaways, prostitutes, and street gang members. Two years later, Patrick moved to Central America where he began a 30-year career in international war-zone reconciliation and post-war reconstruction. He has been knighted, is the recipient of numerous human rights awards, and is the subject of The Dream Maker, the international-selling biography by Monica Hannan.

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