Leadership Defined


Twenty-six distinguished leadership professionals offer cutting edge strategies for everyone wanting to grow as a leader! This book should be a ‘must read’ for executives, managers, entrepreneurs, students, volunteers, clergy, and everyone!



It’s an undeniable truth:  America needs great leaders.  Thankfully, people from all across the country are beginning to rise to the challenge.  Leadership Defined offers readers an intimate look into the hearts and minds of 26 leadership experts, each offering valuable and relevant insights, advice, and strategies related to leadership. Included are Secretary of State Alexander Haig, Jr., Dr. Warren Bennis (Author, Presidential Advisor), Alan Keyes (former United Nations Ambassador) and Patrick Atkinson (Human Rights Advocate and founder / executive director of The GOD’S CHILD Project charitable network).

After college, Patrick turned down lucrative corporate job offers to work with runaways, prostitutes, and street gang members. Two years later, Patrick moved to Central America where he began a 30-year career in international war-zone reconciliation and post-war reconstruction. He has been knighted, is the recipient of numerous human rights awards, and is the subject of The Dream Maker, the international-selling biography by Monica Hannan.

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