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Angela Mucún

Gender Female
Birth Date January 19, 2013
Age 10 years old
Grade Fourth Grade
Country Guatemala


Angela lives in Las Victorias, Jocotenango with her mother, father, brothers, sisters, and niece. There are 11 people living in the house, which is rented and made of fibrolite with a sheet metal roof. Angela’s father is currently unable to work after a motorcycle accident. He has a homemade wooden sewing machine with which he makes fabrics. Angela’s mother sells tortillas to support the family. Angela’s favorite color is black and her favorite food is beef soup. Angela enjoys playing sports in her free time and her favorite animal are giraffes. When she is older, Angela would like to be a vet. Her favorite subject in school is math and her goal for next year is to improve her handwriting. If she could have any superpower, Angela would have invisibility powers and if she had $1 million she would use it to help children in need.


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