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Catalina Sajar

Gender Female
Birth Date September 28, 2017
Age 6 years old
Grade Preschool
Country Guatemala


Catalina lives in San Felipe with her mother, brother and two sisters. Their house is a single room made of fibrolite with a sheet metal roof. The house is owned by Catalina’s father but he does not live there as Catalina’s parents are separated. Catalina’s mother works as a cleaner. This year, Catalina is in preschool. Catalina’s favorite color is light blue and her favorite food is spaghetti. In her free time she likes to play with her toy rabbits and listen to children’s songs. When she is older, Catalina would like to be a scientist. Her favorite subject is math and her goal for this year is to learn to draw better. If she could have any superpower, Catalina would have the power to paint anything. If she had $1 million, Catalina would save it until she knows what to spend it on.