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Eliseo Marroquin

Gender Female
Birth Date January 5, 2016
Age 7 years old
Grade First Grade
Country Guatemala


Eliseo lives in Antigua with his mother, sister and brother. Their house is being lent to them and is a single room made of cement blocks with a sheet metal roof. Eliseo’s mother sells sweets in the streets of Antigua and Eliseo and his siblings are often seen in Central Park helping their mother sell. This year, Eliseo is in first grade. Eliseo’s favorite color is red and his favorite food is fried fish. In his free time he likes to play football and listen to hymns. When he is older, Eliseo would like to be a cleaner. His favorite subject is literacy and his goal for this year is to improve his grades. If he could have any superpower, Eliseo would have super strength. If he had $1 million, Eliseo would be very happy and would buy a house.