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Eva López

Gender Female
Birth Date March 8, 2018
Age 5 years old
Grade Preschool
Country Guatemala


Eva lives in Santa Catarina Barahona with her mother, two sisters and two brothers. Their house is made of sheet metal with a dirt floor. Eva’s mother works as a cleaner and her older brothers sell sweets in the streets of Antigua. Eva is a former Casa Jackson patient, spending 5 months there in 2019. This year, Eva will be in preschool. Eva’s favorite color is pink and her favorite food is cornflakes. In her free time she likes to play hide and seek and listen to children’s music. When she is older, Eva would like to be a veterinarian. Her favorite thing to do in school is everything and her goal for this year is to run faster. If she could have any superpower, Eva would have super strength. If she had $1 million, Eva would buy biscuits and an apple.