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Sasha Saquic

Gender Female
Birth Date August 12, 2017
Age 6 years old
Grade Preschool
Country Guatemala


Sasha lives in San Antonio Aguas Calientes with her mother, two sisters, three brothers, niece and nephew. They are renting two rooms, one which is made of cement blocks and the other made of sheet metal. Sasha’s mother and siblings sell souvenirs in the streets of Antigua. This year, Sasha is in preschool. Sasha’s favorite color is purple and her favorite food is pizza. In her free time she likes to play hide and seek and listen to children’s songs. When she is older, Sasha would like to be a doctor. Her favorite thing to do in school is paint and her goal for next year is to learn English. If she could have any superpower, Sasha would have ice powers. If she had $1 million, Sasha would buy a pizza and a bottle of Pepsi.