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Sponsor Abraán

Gender Male
Birth Date February 15, 2014
Age 9 years old
Grade Preschool
School Dreamer Center (Centro Soñador)
Country Guatemala


When Abraán was younger his family took him to the doctors as they noticed something was amiss with his eyes. The doctor discovered that Abraán had a cancerous tumor behind his eyes and that they had to operate right away as it was growing rapidly. The doctors had to remove one of Abraán’s eyes to remove the tumor, and so Abraán now has a prosthetic eye. He is currently also losing sight in his other eye, and so we are starting to try and teach him to read braille at the school.

Abraán’s family had to sell everything they owned in order to afford his chemotherapy. They live in a house made of cement blocks and sheet metal in Antigua Guatemala. Abraán’s mother does household tasks to earn money for the family’s food but they no longer have furniture in the house.

Abraán’s favorite color is blue and his favorite animals are dogs. He likes to dance and loves to listen to songs from film soundtracks. He also likes it when we dance in school. When he is at home Abraán likes to play with his toy cars. His goal this year in school is to learn about light and electricity. When he grows up, Abraán would like to be a soccer player, as he likes to play with soccer balls.


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