Sponsor Cristian

From: $5.00 / month

Gender Male
Birth Date April 11, 2010
Age 13 years old
Grade 1st Grade
School Dreamer Center (Centro Soñador)
Country Guatemala


Cristian lives in San Felipe with her mother and four siblings. Their house is made of sheet metal, though does not have a floor. The family’s house is a single room, with 3 beds. The family rent their house, and the owner has also lent them a table top stove to cook with. The family does not have any other furniture or appliances, save for a small table. Cristian’s father passed away near the end of 2018. Cristian’s mother does housework for families, earning around Q100 ($12) a week.

Cristian’s favourite food is frijoles (beans) and rice and his favorite animals are spiders. Cristian doesn’t have a favorite color as he likes all of them the same.

Cristian likes to be active. His favorite subject in school is Physical Education and his favorite thing to do at home is to play football with his brother.

Cristian would like to be a builder when he grows up, as he would like to construct things. His goal for this year is to learn how to read.




Child Sponsorship Program

The children in our sponsorship program are orphaned, abandoned, or come from extremely poor families who are eager to escape from the poverty that has trapped their family for generations. The GOD’S CHILD Project’s philosophy is that through education, housing, and healthcare, together we can “break the bitter chains of poverty.”

Currently, there are over 500 children being sponsored by almost 1,000 padrinos, or godparents. Children exchange letters, cards and photos regularly with their sponsors. Sponsors also have the opportunity to visit their sponsored child and meet them in person.

Sponsored children receive money for education costs, clothes, shoes, food and medical care every month. We pay school fees for these boys and girls, and buy their school uniforms, books and supplies. These children and their families need to take their studies seriously, and we ask that children maintain a B average. We also teach parents the value of education so the whole family takes the child’s studies seriously.

In addition, we provide children and their families with other essentials such as food, medical and dental care, crisis intervention counseling, clothing, and lots of loving structure on which they depend while they battle the dynamics of poverty.

Our direct cost to care for each child is $120 per month for a child who lives with his/her own family, and $160 per month for each child who lives with a program foster family.  With the latter, $50 a month goes right to the foster family.  We ask you to help sponsor a child with an amount within your budget. Unlike almost all other charities, we do not set a fixed amount to sponsor a child, and many sponsors donate less than this, requiring multiple sponsors for each child in the program. We know that some people can give more, and others less. We appreciate all sponsorships very much.


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