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Gender Female
Birth Date January 14, 2002
Age 21 years old
Grade 8th Grade
School Scheel Center (Centro Scheel)
Country Guatemala


Dora lives with her mother and two brothers in Jocotenango. They live in a small one room house made of cement blocks. Dora’s mother Telma works selling clothing in the streets. She also sells tortillas to earn money for the household bills and to help her children with their education. She makes around $214 per month.

Dora likes to watch television. Her favorite color is purple, she loves rabbits, and enjoys listening to Reggaeton music. Her favorite class in school is English. She would like to become a business administrator when she graduates so that she can help her family.

Dora was born with hearing problems, though her family didn’t realize the issue until she was eight years old. She had a hard time understanding things and talked very loudly. Thanks to help she received from The GOD’S CHILD Project, she is receiving hearing aids and is excited for school.


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