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Gender Male
Birth Date December 31, 2013
Age 10 years old
Grade Preschool
School Dreamer Center (Centro Soñador)
Country Guatemala


Emanuel, who prefers the nickname Ema, lives with his mother, grandparents and uncles in a house built by the volunteers of The GOD’S CHILD Project. His father works as a zip line guide, while his mother works in a coffee shop in Antigua. The father did not live with the family for a year and six months. They earn a monthly salary of $210 to support the family.

Ema’s favorite animals are sharks and his favorite color is blue. In his house, Ema likes to play with his dolls and toys. In school his favorite activity is coloring in drawings.

When he grows up, Ema would like to do the same job as his father, working as a zip line guide. He said that he had helped his father one time and it was really fun. This year Ema’s goal is to learn how to be like Spider-man.