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Gender Male
Birth Date October 28, 2009
Age 14 years old
Grade 3rd Grade
School Dreamer Center (Centro Soñador)
Country Guatemala


Erick lives in Jocotenango with his mother, stepfather and sister. Their house is rented by the family and made out of cement blocks. Erick’s stepfather is a taxi driver who earns around $380 a month. His mother doesn’t work, but looks after the home and sometimes helps out in the kitchens at the Dreamer Center.

Erick’s favorite thing to do is play football, which he likes to do during playtime at school. His favorite color is blue. Erick likes to listen to Reggaeton music, especially his favorite singer Ozuna. Erick’s favorite animal is a giraffe.

In school Erick’s favorite subject is math. He finds math a bit tricky but made good progress last year, which is why he is enjoying it. When he grows up Erick would like to be a doctor because he likes how doctors help people. He would also like to be a professional soccer player and was very happy to go and watch a soccer match recently with his stepfather.


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