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Sponsor Katherin

Gender Female
Birth Date December 21, 2014
Age 8 years old
Grade Preschool
School Dreamer Center (Centro Soñador)
Country Guatemala


Katherin lives with her mother, brother, sister, uncle, 3 aunts and her grandparents in San Felipe de Jesús. Their house is made of sheet metal and the floor is earth. Katherin and her siblings share a room with her mother, and there are two beds between them. Katherin’s mother works in a shop selling yoghurt and earns around Q1000 ($127) a month. The family also receive Q700 ($89) from Katherin’s sister’s father each month as well.

Both of Katherin’s older siblings have medical issues that require treatment at the National Hospital; her sister with problems pertaining to her colon and her brother with asthma.

Katherin’s favorite color is pink and her favorite animals are giraffes. She told us that she likes all types of music. When she is at home, Katherin likes to play ball games with her siblings. When she grows up, Katherin would like to be a teacher as she really likes being in school. Her goal for this year is to learn how to do homework.


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