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Sponsor Manuel Barnabé

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Gender Male
Birth Date February 8, 2005
Age 19 years old
Grade 3rd Grade
School Scheel Center (Centro Scheel)
Country Guatemala


Barnabé (his preferred name) lives in San Lorenzo with his widowed mother and an uncle along with his two brothers.  They live in a 4 room house constructed with wood and cement block with a cement floor.  His uncle works when he can in agriculture or as a carpenter.  His mother makes jewelry and table covers to sell on the streets to tourists.

Barnabé is in the second and third grade at the Scheel Center, an accelerated school program where students with a late start can pass two grades in one year.  He likes to play soccer with his brothers and friends.  He also is learning to play the trumpet and wants to play it in church.  Christian music is his favorite.  His favorite color is blue and he likes dogs.  Someday, Barnabé would like to be a doctor so he can take care of his brothers if they are sick. His favorite classes are communication and language and his goal this year is to be the best student in his class.