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Gender Female
Birth Date April 18, 2009
Age 15 years old
Grade 5th Grade
School Dreamer Center (Centro Soñador)
Country Guatemala


Rebeca lives with her mother, grandparents and sister in a small two-room house. The outer walls are built out of cement blocks and inside there is sheet metal to create rooms. The floor is part cement and part earth. Rebeca’s mother works in a hotel making beds and earns about Q3000 ($380) per month. Rebeca’s father no longer lives with or supports the family. Unfortunately, her grandmother has diabetes and needs medication, which is paid for by Rebeca’s mother and her grandfather.

Rebeca likes to read in her spare time. She likes to take time to be calm and listen to calming music, especially when she is reading. Rebeca’s favorite color is purple and her favorite animals are dogs.

In school, Rebeca’s favorite subject is math and her goal for this year is to pass her classes and move up to sixth grade. When she grows up she would like to be a veterinarian because she loves animals so much.