The Powerful You


GCP founder Patrick Atkinson’s international selling classic enjoyed by millions, this short book reminds us we are in control of our lives. Colorfully illustrated by his son, Ernesto, now a practicing Family Therapist and Professional Artist. This book can be signed by the author per your request.


You’re growing older, your friends are changing, and your world is more challenging than ever. You are never alone but when everything is said and done, you alone make most of your decisions. An international classic that has been enjoyed by millions for nearly 40 years, this simple, powerful and beautifully illustrated book by father-son team Patrick and Ernesto Atkinson is just for you.

The Powerful You is a beautiful, colorful classic that empowers people of all ages. It is for you as you discover how to take control of your decisions, take responsibility when things go wrong, and learn to do what is right so that you can take credit when things go right and you’ve done a great job.

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