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  • Order Multi-Award-Winning Books
    • The Dream Maker, by author Monica Hannan, is the amazing biography of GCP founder Patrick Atkinson’s efforts to confront the hidden worlds of war, organized prostitution, and institutional poverty, and in the process set hundreds of thousands of children and mothers free
    • The Powerful You! and A Message for My Childby Patrick Atkinson and highly illustrated by his son Ernesto, are two beautiful short-story books that empower people of all ages to recognize they have the power to choose the actions they take, take responsibility for outcomes, and celebrate life’s victories. The Powerful You! is available in 13 languages in both book and poster form.
  • A GCP Coffee Club Subscription supports the Project’s children and sends a monthly coffee selection to you or your loved one!  GCP coffee is fair trade, available in whole bean or ground, and packaged in a beautiful reusable Guatemalan cloth bag.
  • Sponsor a Child and bring that boy or girl the overwhelming sense of joy knowing you want them to do well in school and life.
  • Sponsor a Crib at GCP’s Casa Jackson Hospital for Malnourished Children and receive updates on the tiny baby-patient in your crib, fighting to survive malnutrition.