Volunteer with The GOD'S CHILD Project

Whatever experience fits your call, The GOD’S CHILD Project (GCP) can help set up a life-changing trip or volunteer option for you or your team. For more information or questions on volunteering, please contact us at Info@GodsChild.org or 612-351-8020

Volunteer as a Group with a ServiceTeam™ Experience

This experience is perfect for schools, corporate teams, community and church groups, families and other large groups looking to construct simple yet dignifying homes for GCP participants.

Volunteer Internationally as an Individual

An individual trip allows for more flexibility in serving others in international countries and is ideal for individuals, friends or couples looking to participate in a meaningful volunteer experience.

Volunteer Locally as an Individual

Local volunteer options are also available for individuals, friends or couples who are searching for a way to serve the needs of our local neighbors.

Coming Soon!!!