You have the Power to Save Lives

Help The GOD’S CHILD Project rescue, care for, educate, and protect thousands of orphaned and malnourished children, abandoned mothers and their dependents, and victims of human trafficking.

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You Make it Possible

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Share your page with your friends, your family, your grandma, your classmates, your coworkers, your softball team, the kid you went to summer camp with in middle school, and everyone else you can think of!

Together We Can Do This!

You have seen it in person, the only way to keep it going is to stay involved!

  • Share a photo or story along with your fundraising page link and encourage your friends to donate.
  • Record a video for your friends and family, explaining why you want to help, why this is meaningful to you, and what you hope to accomplish.
  • Host an event! Plan a small party where you can tell everyone and encourage them to donate or get involved too!

Your gift makes a big impact!

$15 Blanket for a Child in need of warmth
$27 Apple Tree to provide a steady supply of nutritious food
$40 Water Filter to provide clean water and prevent illness
$70 Medicine for a Malnourished Infant for one week
$150 School Supplies for an entire your for one student
$390 One Month of Infant Liquid Vitamins to restore a child’s health
$900 One Month at Casa Jackson covering all expenses for one baby-in-residence