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ServiceTeam Experience Groups

Embark on an Adventure

While on a GOD’S CHILD Project ServiceTeam™ Experience, you have the chance to change lives during a meaningful volunteer adventure vacation. Part of your trip is spent engaged constructing simple, yet dignifying homes. The rest is spent volunteering and experiencing all the beauty and adventure surrounding you. No construction experience or foreign language skills are necessary, but a willingness to explore and get dirty is required!

A Uniting Experience

The ServiceTeam Experience is perfect for high schools, colleges and universities, corporate leadership training and community and service groups, church and youth groups of all faiths, and individuals and families.

Usually, the ServiceTeam Experience unfolds in Guatemala, but teams have also visited our programs in El Salvador, the United States, and Malawi.

Not Interested in Home Building?

The ServiceTeam Experience is still a great option for your group! Alternative Experiences include larger construction projects, Education, Disaster Relief, Medical care, Dental Care, Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Alternative Health Care, Social Work or Social Sciences.

To sign-up for the ServiceTeam Experience, contact us at or apply now.